Tuesday, 11 May 2010


it seems that my computer has been struck down by one of those ridiculous viruses that trys to fool you by passing itself off as something that looks like an anti-virus programme.

now, i am smart enough to know the difference between the anti-virus i already have installed (yeah, good job anti-virus by the way) and this ridiculous corrupting masquerading imposter, but never the less it has somehow found it's way into my computer despite me trying to pull the plug on my internet, swiftly turn off my machine and surround the stupid computer with garlic to try and keep the foul virus at bay.

so now my time is spent trying to back up my important files while various warnings and webpages for porn and viagra keep trying to load up, and obviously this will have a knock-on effect for writing my articles and making music.

this is however the kick up the arse i need to pack my PC off to the doctors and hopefully get it cured of all it's ailments, which means i should hopefully have a couple of fully functioning microphone inputs for recording and a CD tray that actually opens and closes so i can continue clogging up my i-tunes

the downside tho is that the CD that was in the tray when it decided to give up is Spice Girl Mel B's debut solo album, which is kind of embarrascing, but that is why i thought i would post up the video of I Want You Back featuring Missy Elliott, the only track i actually ripped into my i-tunes, as proof that this admission of owning the album realy isn't as bad as it seems (is it?)

aaaaaarggghhhhh!! this was the best quality video i could find but it cuts off most of the intro, full version.... but hella worse quality right here

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