Saturday, 31 July 2010

all mod cons

and now for a little bit of time travel, not too far, but lets set our dials for a year ago.  those heady days of a summer passed when stray sofas seemed to be around every corner. at first i thought the strays had been hibernating for the winter but perhaps enfield has managed to clear up its infestationof street furniture much the same way that trafalger square has been cleared of pigeons.

let us journey to July 2009.  and a stray sofa that had a reputation that found its way back to me, i checked it out and my, it was a thing of sheer beauty. who could ever ask for more?

but please, be careful not to tread on any butterflys.


  1. thats some impresive stacking!

  2. that was jen by the way :-)

  3. not the stacking....the comment.

  4. that was confusing... i thought i didn't remember saying that?!?