Tuesday, 27 July 2010


death doesn't visit my blog very often, i could choose to spout off or make readers aware of everytime any sort of celebrity pops there clogs, but i don't.

death is in inevitable part of all of our lives that should be treated with a little reverence when writing about it, instead of just being a repeat of your slightly shocked gasps of, 'oh, oh no.'

this is my opinion anyway.

and so, on to the reason i mentioned this.

because this morning i found out that an elderly neighbour of mine that moved away last year had died.

i was a little disheartened by the news, but not really shocked. he had been old my whole life and wasn't going to last forever.

and then i didn't really know what to say or think. my life goes on.

i hope his family are all keeping ok, and if i feel anything i guess it is a kind of a sense of relief that, whatever happens to us after we slip this mortal coil, i am sure he has been reunited with his wife who passed away quite a few years ago now.

i only ever imagined them togther. they were always fred and alice. and when there was only fred it just didn't seem right.


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  1. Shame about fred. He had a bad heart and gave up work 30 year or more ago So I think he did well. Good old fred.