Monday, 30 August 2010

don't say you wasn't warned

i don't really enjoying starting my blog posts by apoligising for or explaining that for some reason or another something hasn't been done, but i do start a fair number of my blogs that way, that is the nature of my life, i have either been too busy or too distracted, that is the usual excuse.

so this is an apology in advance, as i get a feeling that updating my blog may be going on the backburner, so this is just a brief post to tide over whoever reads this until the next time i get a chance to impart anything worthwhile upon you.

i had hoped that this weekend would have proved good fodder for a couple of articles, yesterday i volunteered four hours at a community centre in tottenham as part of orange rockcorps, which i thought would make an interesting piece for the paper, but considering how far behind they are getting perhaps i should just leave it for now and try and hold back when i feel the urge to write.

and today i should have been eating free bbq food and drinking free sailor jerrys at the Major Lazer party at Notting Hill Carnival but i got there just in time to see the guestlist queue closed infront of me, so i guess that is another article that the Enfield Advertiser won't have to worry about finding the time to print.

i suppose this blog has been a little heavy on posts relating to my work for the Advertiser and music reviews, i'm hoping that it won't get too boring with a swath of home improvement based posts in the near future (or near-ish), but who knows how i'll be feeling and what i may have on my mind, but for now i'm gonna round out the long weekend in traditional bank holiday style by chilling with a Bond film on the telly....

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