Tuesday, 10 August 2010

syncing deeper...

why is it that writing articles to a 350 word quota must be so difficult?

i'm currently sat knocking out my review of last nights Rock For Change Battle of the Bands and at first check my incomplete article is already 450 words, so stay tuned for the directors cut of that piece over here soon (probaly way before publication) and with any luck i should have my articles back in print from this week.

the whole of enfield waits with baited breath for copies of the Advertiser to drop through their letter boxes tomorrow........

and so i was also debating what to write for my follow up post after getting a little wayward with that slightly lengthy post on synchromysticism

i thought perhaps maybe another sklightly lengthy post on synchromysticism....

but to be honest there are plenty of other people that do it better than i do, and that have got the time and the inclination to study the intricacies of symbology and syncs...

my girlfriend is convinced that i'm likely to go mad obsessing over these inexplicable coincidences....

(shit, how did i not get that michael j FOX was the star on teenWOLF, how did i miss that one?)

... but i just like reading other peoples theories and finding something other than constantly refreshing facebook to occupy my time. sadly my brain doesn't have the capacity to constantly link greek gods to the rise of the autobots and have a rich understanding of erm... pentagrams (honestly, i don't know) and the jupiter finger.

i am constantly intrigued by what other people believe and have a hunger for knowledge (since my mind is mostly full of useless info) and i am also interested in how religion plays a part in people's lives and artistic legacies.

i am well aware that i have been annoying my girlfriend with too much talk of foxes and how everything is connected......

but it is!!! (isn't it?)

yes, there are other people that do it better, but after pointing out (the most striking) syncs i have seen i see yet more....

so lets keep this brief (pah)

  •  i read that Maid Marion is a sync with Mary Magdalene and the word Mum (MuM)
  •  countdown has been constantly referring back to Mary Marvel
  •  i decided to have another listen to the music of Marvin the Martian
oh, but not just that i've also read about the dark star, Sirius. which other blogs have linked to The Dark Knight (Why so Sirius?), low and behold, the comics i am reading have seen Jason Todd (a former Robin that died at the hands of The Joker) teamed up with Donna Troy, who once held a position as a Darkstar

it's nigh impossible to keep these things simple when trying to point out the multiple ways these thing cross over, like, harking back to my last post, since not only has CHRISTian Bale played patrick BATMANe, he is also the new John Connor (JC again) in Terminator: Salvation, of course Arnie is THE terminator and the terminator can be linked to duality (just take a look at the posters, reminiscent of Two-Face?)) and we also saw Arnie as Mr Freeze battling against Fantastic Mr Clooney in the Batsuit in Batman and Robin.

ok, that's enough from me, i can't realy do it justice with my limited knowledge but the whole concept of synchromysticism is intrigueing and if this is of any interest i beg you to follow it a little bit further.

and after all that, i'm not particularly sure if i can see all the ways the world is connected, or if i'm just such a big geek that i can't help but spot how almost anything will link back to Batman.

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