Friday, 15 October 2010

if this could all end

and welcome back to Hunchbakk - music and musings, the music blog.

except it isn't today.

i'm very excited about bringing you guys even more new music and have hopefully got something real special in the pipeline, direct from from one of Enfield's brightest hopes, but for now we're gonna take a slight diversion from revelling in past glories and the posting of mp3s.

i've stalled slightly on the poetry front lately, perhaps i am too content, perhaps it is other things that have meant i have not put pen to paper.

sometimes when i do put pen to paper there is neither a pen or paper involved, just typing and my blog, since it is there when i needed it and i could get my thoughts down quick.

i got my thoughts down quickly the other day, so i thought perhaps i should post it now, i don't think there is much more that needs saying about it really, i don't always like giving poetry an introduction, and i'm not going to take it upon myself to explain my own poetry, as i am now sharing it and want people to make of it what they will and take from it what they feel, i just thought the fact that i am posting poetry deserved a little mention for anyone that has been tuning in recently since Bushfest set the Enfield community ablaze and perhaps wasn't expecting such tender thoughts.


sometimes it feels like the world could end

there is no panic
no fear

but there is a pounding of anxiousness
knowing it will be over

and i can't squeeze the minutes out of the day
nor the fingers in my ears
nor the words out of my mouth
and my head

it feels like a scream
yet it lives in silence
buzzing round my head
and gripping my throat
clutching my mind

if this could all end
if the sky would drop
if the earth could crack
it would all be over

but it never is

it never is


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