Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Frank Sinatra once said.....

'I feel sorry for people who don't drink.
When they wake up in the morning,
that's as good as they're going to feel all day.'

i've never really done quotes on this blog before, i was just gonna give you an update but then when i found this quote as i was skipping through other blogs recently, it felt quite apt

it is apt because on friday night i probably drank my own weight in alcohol, weighed everybody else that came to me housewarming party and then also drank their weights in alcohol too

i arose for a bacon roll at some point saturday morning, i also crawled to the door while wrapped in a duvet to greet a bemused jehovah's witness

yes, friday night was my idea of 'not having too much' since i'd got Bushfest that i needed to survive on saturday and because i like my house and am only just getting used to it and didn't fancy seeing the whole place spinning just yet... if it did spin i have no recollection of it, much the same as i have no real recollection of the striptease i supposedley performed in the garden and falling asleep in the shed.

but time and tide wait for no man, and before my body was really ready to, i was off to the Bush Hill Park Tavern to prepare for the evening kicking off.

now i know you're gonna wanna know how it all went, and trust me, i am working on a write up of it, but it has been a super busy week for me, and i'm still not properly hooked up with internet access at (new) home so it's been hard to find the time and means to dedicate to it, which is why you also haven't had any blog posts since last thursday, poor form i know, but it couldn't be helped

so i think today goes some way to make up for that, you've had an update on why i have been m.i.a, you've had a quote, and, as promised, here.... help yourself to some downloadable (and relevant) music....

Eels - That's Life (Frank Sinatra cover)

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