Thursday, 30 September 2010

i'll admit when i'm wrong

it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, i will put my hands up and admit that i am wrong, or at least take a portion of the blame and try and deflect the attention to somebody else instead

which is exactly what i shall do now that copies of this week's Enfield Advertiser have dropped through letterboxes across the borough, and eager beavers that have keenly read my look ahead to this weekend's BushFest have been quick to point out to me that it says the event is on Friday....


there is a simple explanation for this....

i cocked up, i went back and checked the preview i posted on this blog (which i have since amended) and sure enough it says that BushFest 2010 will take place on Friday 2nd October

except there isn't a Friday 2nd October this year, and certainly not this weekend

so it seems the editor at the paper didn't give a thought of checking with me what was going through my garbled brain and what the hell i was on about, no, he just put it forward to print exclaiming that the gig is this Friday, so apologies for any confusion...

specifically to Enemy Planet's guitarist, who had his mum tell him that he was in fact playing a gig on friday instead of saturday and perhaps he should call the pub to check that he hadn't got the date wrong...

anyway, partial deflection accomplished, has anyone else noticed that the headline also states that Bushfest has moved to a bigger venue, when it is infact in the same place it has always been (although we could do with a bigger venue if everyone that has confirmed attendance actually turns up)

but i think most people are smart enough to know what is going on and have seen the flyer and the facebook event

so, i shall see you all on SATURDAY! when i shall also be pulling out what is sure to be a blinding DJ set alongside the Bubblegum Stomp collective between live sets and deep into the night.

of course, at this moment in time i am panicking and thinking that i don't have enough music, or enough new music, or enough of the right music and i haven't had time to piss about with the kaoss pad so it may stay at home and miss out this DJ set unless i'm feeling really brave.

so, blog over, mp3s need burning, and i shall see you SATURDAY!!!!!!

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