Sunday, 23 January 2011

london aquarium

i'm really happy with my family's new blog so far (although i wish my dad would have contributed something to it by now) that features daily posts, quite often photography, although any creative output is acceptable, as i have published a few poems over there already

what i am proudest of is the fact that it has reignited an interest in photography for me, making sure that i am always on the look-out for an interesting shot or angle

for the most part i have kept my blogs seperate, but it does give me the scope to occasionaly allow them to cross over, so where-as on monday i only featured two photos, i have decided to revisit my day and flesh out this post with a handful of the other photos that i was torn between, yet didn't want to include on Byford365 (a working title, although it may stay that way) for the sake of brevity

it was my girlfriend's birthday last saturday so she had decided that she would take full advantage of being able to get her own way, and chose a day out taking in a trip to London Aquirium, since i often moan about going there again whenever she usually suggests it.

unusualy, i haven't included any of the photos i actually took inside the aquarium, since i wasn't overwhelmed with the end results, so instead we have a few photos from the journey there, as well as a couple of oddities i saw along the way and also my first ever experience of Yo Sushi! (which i guess is slightly ironic considering the amount of seafood i ended up scoffing, whereas my vegetarian girlfriend had no such concerns)

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