Monday, 10 January 2011

monday monday

ok, so i'm running out of monday, but i've got the girlfriends laptop to myself since she's gone to bed so i thought i'd whack up some videos and keep thisblog moving, before featuring the director's cut of my latest Enfield Advertiser article tomorrow

now, i don't know if anyone tuned into Wall:E yesterday, i only caught a glimpse of it while i was busy with other stuff, but it did remind me of this astounding mash-up of the Wall:E trailer with that of the Watchmen film, which seemed so promising at the time

and as much as i'd happily watch the hope-raising, Bob Dylan sountracked intro again, i just can't bring myself to freely admit that Zak Snyder's disapointing vision of Alan Moore's masterpiece even exists

but the faux trailer above is testament to the power of music, and how it can alter emotions, toying with our pre-set senses and the practically cliched musical arrangements that films feel they must conform to

for another example, check out this recently surfaced Ghostbusters/Inception mash-up, and witness how the soundtrack of the Nolan-helmed trailer drastically toys with all the fun and action that we know and love from the ghostbusting franchise

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