Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Daniel Haaksman + kitchen decorating = worktop samba

yet again a local newspaper does not feature any entertainment, movie, music or fashion news

although a food review from The Gannets seems to have kept it's head above the water this week

the past two week's papers were produced by an alternative staff, whilst the real people were striking, hence the fact that the Weekender went astray for those weeks, but now.... i guess it's a waiting game, i still have more that i want to say and i shall keep submitting pieces in the hope that a space will be found for them

but i didn't really let this worry me as i took a week of off work to spend a little more time doing up the house alongside my girlfriend, it didn't prove to be quite as productive as the first spurt of hard work from last year, hindered somewhat by bank holidays and other plans, but a fair amount of gardening was tackled, contemplations of the spare room and geeky hideout in the attic were made and the kitchen walls were partially painted

and whilst my tenure at the Advertiser seems to be crumbling and my home inches closer to looking less like a work in progress i do also have some other news that had me quite literally dancing around the house

it appears that glasswerk seems to be upping its game in the hands of a new editor who has already hooked me up to review MC Lars when he hits London this month (with my fave, Akira The Don, in support) and provided me with a care package that arrived last week of CDs to be reviewed.

i had already troubled this new editor with a fussy description of genres that i would be willing to write about, in accordance with my own whims that i would no longer put up with some of the utter rubbish that got sent my way in the name of 'journalism', i seem to have less time to call my own these days and wouldn't desire wasting it on trying to find something clever and worthwhile about a release i really couldn't give a toss about

and i fully appreciate the effort made, most of the names were completely new to me, but the discoveries involved in having these on rotation made me realise again just how much i love discovering new music and being a part of the wider music scene through my reviews and blogs

receiving far more play than the other CDs recieved has been the debut album by Berlin based DJ and label boss, Daniel Haaksman, that shall be released later this month, the blistering Baile Funk was exactly to my taste and the carnival flavas made short work of housebound jobs, one particular sight to behold was my rythmic ass-shaking as i stood atop my kitchen units, splashing a vibrant lime green onto the walls that seemed to suit the current soundtrack as i imagined myself in a skimpy sequin costume addorned with peacock feathers.

Daniel Haaksman "Rambazamba"-Album Teaser

so now, a couple of walls in my kitchen are bright green and two of my brand new reviews are already up on glasswerk, here, and here

and read a little more about the artists reviewed over on my new Desperately Seeking Susan Boyle post, along with music streams

credit where it's due:
image half inched from firle artists

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