Wednesday, 15 June 2011

heard it through the grape vine...

how bittersweet today's news is

if you've followed my blog at all, you may be aware of the recent ups and downs surrounding The Enfield Advertiser and it's fluctuating entertainment section, The Weekender

despite my contributions to the paper, i am never aware of when (or even if) my articles will actually make an appearance

every wednesday i take a flick through to see if one of my pieces made it to print

after an absense of 2 months from the paper, last week featured my piece on Daniel Haaksman and i had kinda hoped that my next article would appear before i produce a huge back-log that would result in either inane irrelevance by the time it surface or simply being scrapped entirely

i'll admit that it has only been a couple of weeks since submitting an article relating to the volunteering i did for Orange Rockcorps, and i have had to wait a lot longer for my colums to see the light of day

it was entirely relevant, shedding light on the good work being done to promote volunteering amongst young people, and also of local interest, since a group of us had been working hard on the Forty Hall vineyard, that until the volunteering opportunity came up i wasn't even aware that it existed, as it is tucked well away out of sight

while their i got to speaking to one of the people running the vineyard, as she was showing us how it should be doen and getting her hands dirty with the rest of us, and far from being an opportunistic wine venture she was telling me how they have worked with people from MIND in Enfield with mental health problems, giving them time out in the fields and helping in exactly the same way we were, but with the added benefit of giving them a little bit of much needed therapy through the work they are doing

in an off-handed comment when i submitted my finished article i mentioned that it would be great to give the vineyard a bit of well deserved exposure

low and behold, do i find that my article has been usurped by the annual give-away of Latitude festival tickets and after another flick through i then find that there is actually a large feature on Forty Hall vineyard and it's work with mental health charities!!

i'd like to think that my music column mat have been a push in the right direction to securing people's attention (it could after all, be coincidence) but i'm hoping that the piece i put time into writing won't just do a disapearing act now because of it

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