Thursday, 30 June 2011

i didn't mean to lie

i said that i may knock out a blog for you all, i was considering doing a faux glastonbury review, based on the 2 and a bit acts that i actually caught on the bbc coverage at the insistence of my girlfriend whilst i would have rather ignored the fact that the festival was still going ahead without me

but i didn't

i thought i may also update my generic mp3 player, re-pot the pepper seeds that i've been growing, pull up a few weeds, maybe make a Las Vegas party playlist, but none of these things happened

nor have i really updated any of my contributions to byford365 at all

i still have the odd few things to pack and timer switches to set and then hope that the excitement that kept me awake last night and today will give way and allow me to crash and get a few hours sleep

so, expect blog silence for a good week or so

thank you

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