Tuesday, 31 January 2012

65,000 swaroski crystals vs £3 tester pots of paint

oh how the other half live.

yesterday, flicking through a filthy red-top, and reading about things that i do not care for, i came across the story of Rihanna splashing out nearly £100,000 on a sparkling 5 foot square image of Marilyn Monroe that is made entirely of Swaroski crystals.

she now has it hung in her Beverly Hills mansion.

while last week i was in the attic of my two bedroom terraced house in Enfield, making progress on a couple more walls of what will eventually be a finely decorated geek room.

my brother helped me with a bunch of boards that i had acquired for the princely sum of zero pounds and zero pence that needed cutting to fit the slant in the ceiling, i made the job look harder than it actually was, my brother helped make it easier.

i then decided that before i plaster these boards with piles of comic book panels that i have acquired for the princely sum of zero pounds and zero pence (and also research mod podge and decoupage glue) that it would probably be a smart idea to start painting the adjacent wall so that i do not splash paint about where it is not wanted a ruin a lot of time and effort.

so off to Waltham Cross i went, in search of 'the right shade' (oh no, not these decisions again), stopping off at the charity shops and being blessed with the discoveries of a rather 'manga-fied' looking Darth Vader Figure, a talking Syndrome from The Incredibles, and both a General Traag and Footsoldier figure from Turtles, two figures that i used to own, back in the day (in fact, i get the distinct feeling that the footsoldier was actually my brother's) and then onto Homebase, where i invested £3.19 or so in a tester pot of paint.

and the following day was spent sketching a rough outline on a wall and getting really artistic, checking back to my reference material and standing back and feeling proud of how it is all coming along so far.

and over my next couple of days off it should come along further, possibly even getting close to completion.

probably costing me another tester pot or two to make up the colours i need.

i still look around my house now, going on nearly a year and a half since we bought it, and occasionally the sparseness shocks me, and i want rooms to be full, and complete, but i told myself that the home would grow naturally, attracting oddities and embellishments over time that would make it truly unique, and not just a copy of a trendy hipster pad that could easily be paid out for and bought wholesale in one lump.

and as wonderful as life as a pop star must be, and how great it must be to have a huge bloody mansion (to think, i could actually have the library room that i have always wanted for myself), i may be kidding myself, but i still think that i would struggle to break from my frugal ways, and would surely still want to be hands on with my own decorating.

although i may be tempted to part with some of my millions to pay for a commission of this quality...

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