Friday, 24 February 2012

'resurrecting' Hunchbakk

he may not have died.

but Hunchbakk seems to have been buried for a while.

the idea of 'Hunchbakk' has evolved and changed, and a new persona has been developed for musical dabblings, and the name 'Hunchbakk' has slowly been shrugged off like a shroud in favour of 'the new me'.

but Hunchbakk is not over.

there is unfinished business.
there are unfinished tracks.

there is an unfinished album.

let me backtrack slightly, start this story again from it's initial viewpoint, you see, it had been clattering around my mind for a little while, and an email informing me that one of my tracks on soundcloud had almost reached its download limit (as recounted in my previous post) only served to weigh in on the thoughts that i had been having.  thinking about my music. who i am. and where i am. and where i can be found.

or more precisely, where my tracks can be found.

my first forays into music were knocked together using a playstation2, and i first hid behind them in my Hunchbakk persona on myspace in 2006.

a second collection of tracks followed suit, and since then it is hard to recollect how things have changed, but one thing is for certain, no matter how barren or how fruitful the days, weeks, months and years since have been, i have continued to make music in some way, shape, or form.

some tracks were loaded up to myspace, or promoted through the myspace blog, and then through this very blog, uploaded to fileden, or other file-sharing sites, and most recently soundcloud.  and i have questioned whether i should find my way to having a bandcamp page.

and all of this led me to give serious consideration to a blog post regarding, and possibly compiling 'the complete Hunchbakk'

and this is where both trails of this blog collide.

how can i possibly present the complete Hunchbakk, when the story of Hunchbakk is not yet complete.

and sadly, some digging and maybe a little bit of voodoo will be needed in order to resurrect Hunchbakk, as although i may have moved on and simply kept making music, there are still unreleased tracks that were (and hopefully still are) destined for the debut album that had begun to take shape which have suffered at the hands of my malfunctioning machine.

i have recounted the details of my ongoing battles with this wretched, evil and incompetent computer, and i have told of how it was revived and the data recovered, although now it is scattered across numerous DVDs of information that i failed to save in any logical way, making the effort needed to re-piece these tracks back together quite an almighty and time consuming task, that is if it is possible at all.

i won't give up hope on them.

a lot of time, and a lot of passion went into what i hoped would represent me, or at least a version of me, and i gave great thought to how the tracks would flow and sound together.  i think i may have managed to create something like 7 tracks out of what i believed would end up as a full length 12 track album.

so i shall attempt to 'resurrect' Hunchbakk

even if it is only so i can put the guise to rest.

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