Sunday, 5 April 2009

frYday 3rd april

i couldn't possibly encourage anyone to rush off to catch frYars live anytime soon, i'm not usually one to be so bleak and enforce such negativity on others or to badmouth a performing artist but, to be rather blunt and completely honest, i'm glad friday nights gig at the Barfly in Camden was free.

i find the music of frYars utterly beguiling and even as i write this i have his myspace player in the background playing his mildly electronic and rather fragile sounding songs delivered in a bizarre but rather fascinating vocal style

the problem is that after a strong start, afew of these songs fall flat live and very little could be done to pick up the atmosphere after it had begun dragging along the floor, although he certainly seems to be a critic's choice he seems to lack any signs of charisma at all and some much needed banter to lighten the mood was non-existent, not even the final song 'happY' could bring much cheer to the static crowd watching.

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