Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sound Art Experiment Number 4

how about that, on schedule and everything!?

it was only last week that i mentioned my little brother's foray into fiction, and now his latest artwork in the SoundArt project stretches his creative abilities even further, far enough to start treading on my toes with a little bit of poetry.

and it's good, dammit!! ok, keep em peeled for a little bit of retaliation cos i might post up some of my photography in the coming month, but anyway, this is getting off topic...

back to the SoundArt;

i decided to leave behind some of the experimentation that i applied to the previous tracks in favour of producing a rather brooding and moody piece that could quite easily pass for a normal track, i wanted to capture a rather dark and urban vibe that reflects a hard city, full of beats (in the musical sense) and underpinned with paranoia.

not everything i attempted initially made it into the final track, it was going to contain a second part that erupted and kicked off a little bit more to try and channel the violence obvious in the artwork, another idea was to incorporate the words from the poetry, not in a straight forward reading but as if the poem had actually been remixed and the artwork was the original version, tho i decided to scrap this as i had no-one to read the poetry other than myself and i didn't feel that it lent the track the right weight.

if i can right either of these wrongs then an alternative take may appear, but for now, sit back, right click, and enjoy...

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