Friday, 17 April 2009

where is the love?

in shrewsbury, that's where it is.

didn't expect to find it hiding there did you?

nah, neither did i.

after escaping the city for the easter weekend to catch up with a friend and his wife in sleepy shresbury i was surprised by two things:

1) that by escaping the city we had also escaped some pretty miserable weather

2) that there is an epidemic of nice graffiti sweeping shrewsbury

last week i revealed my slight obsession with graffiti but shrewsbury definetly does it a little bit different to, well, anywhere

seemingly all over the place were smiling hearts, swarming round construction sites, hiding behind bins, beaming from back alleys, completely and utterly unavoidable and all bearing grins that were infectious in the glorious sunshine

and unlike the urban artwork and works of vandalism that colour city life, these hearts daubed everywhere were rendered in childlike and almost completey inoffensive chalk, ready to be dusted away if anyone gets upset by the innocent ornamentations

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