Thursday, 17 June 2010

geronimo watch 2

back in april i voiced my disdain for Matt Smith's Doctor Who yelping 'Geronimo'

i was waiting with teeth gritted for this to be a regular occurence, thankfully Alan Yentob or Steven Moffat seem to be paying attention to my lowly blog and henceforth withdrew any further utterance of the word from The Doctor's lips for fear of alienating me completely

how stupid it was then, of me not to mention how much i honestly cannot stand James Corden.  i won't get too deep into this, we are all allowed our pet hates and James Corden is one of mine, he irritates me. end of.

so how would BBC bosses know that they needed to re-film all of James Corden's scenes for an episode of Doctor Who with another actor.

it was too late for such a drastic measure by the time i realised what had happened, and so i had to watch and regret my foolishness.

but it is with great surprise that i must admit that the episode was not ruined, and in fact Corden didn't irritate me at all, i presumed we would be in for some ridiculous showboating but Corden kept the performance reigned in, played it straight in the face of a rather daft, cutesy and entertaining little jaunt and in fact done a far better job as a guest star on the series than most other comics have fared when compared to Simon Pegg, Mark Gatiss and Lee Evans.

and to test me even further 'Geronimo' made a return, exclaimed by James Corden.  And i didn't actually mind.

but let's lay it to rest now, ok?

as far as my opinion of Matt Smith goes, he hardly seems to have blazed a trail creating a persona differing too far from Tennant, but with each passing episode i grow a little fonder of him.

and now we only have two more episodes of this series left?! already?

aah yes, daleks and cybermen the TV mag promise me, and presumably all this business with the pesky crack will also come to a head...

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