Thursday, 3 June 2010

death arrived late

and once again, curious clicking and boredom of the same ol' internet sites inspired new poetry.

somebody died quite a while ago, over two months ago actually, and i only found out about it the other day.

that somebody was Dick Giordano, which won't mean an awful lot to many people.

i'm not realy sure how much it means to me, but after clicking links from Neil Gaiman's blog to a short memorial piece written by Karen Berger it just made me feel like i was a little bit emptier.

i can hardly claim to be the world's hugest Dick Giordano fanatic, but it was a name that stood out and used to crop up on so many comic books i used to read.  it is doubtless that Dick Giordano contributed to my life as i've grown up and has likely somehow shaped who i am today and i am saddened by the loss.


death arrived late

like it had been held up

locking the keys in the car
or missing the last coach heading out of town

but slowly, but surely and eventualy

death arrived

an over the shoulder glance through a rear window
as your friend is lead away

no kicking
no screaming
just an emptiness
when you didn't even know that it was full before

(i'm not sure if that was one poem or two, please decide for yourselves)

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