Monday, 31 May 2010

previously on the Hunchblog....

while i've got slightly distracted posting up entertaining videos let's not forget the real reason we're here.

the real reason i have a blog.

it is an outlet for what i do.

whether that may be music, poetry, writing or photography.

and occasionaly pointing you in the direction of the things i think are quite cool and worthy of peoples attention.

so incase it had passed anybody by i thought i'd take this oppurtunity to re-up some of my latest musical efforts... which are also free for you to download if you fancied

Number 16 track one by Hunchbakk

Number 16 track two by Hunchbakk

these two make up part of a new project that has no fixed themes or ideals, but will hopefully grow naturally from disparate influences and half worked tracks from my hard drive

SoundArt8 by Hunchbakk

and i think most people should be aware of the SoundArt project by now, SoundArt8 i is the latest piece to be completed and the full write up can be found here

And i have some freedom til the end of the week to try and get creative, but sadly these things can't be forced so easily and i have already spent two nights clicking between afew remixes that i currently have on the go and making the smallest of advances on SoundArt9, only to find myself getting next to nowhere while the time just ticks away.

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