Friday, 28 May 2010

if you thought a batman musical would suck.....

after a mildly creative burst i must admit that i haven't found as much time for writing recently as i would have hoped to.

having said that i have got an article over at glasswerk that i don't think i'd made you aware of yet, it's about my girlfriend being short, and i have completed a new article for the advertiser about Mike Skinner's influence over the musical landscape of 2010.

i had to cut it down drastically to fit it within the required word count so chances are i'll probably sling up the full length version on here or on glasswerk.

and since it all seems rather interchangeable the 'short' article will end up in the Enfield Advertiser, but it will not be accompanied by a picture of my girlfriend stood behind tall people at a gig like the editor suggested we try and arrange.

so what else could be an appropriate image for the article? we shall have to wait and see....

and for today?

i was considering posting up my favourite example of of daggering after yesterday's tutorial...

i also considered bitching about how my healthy computer seems to still actually be infected with some sort of google hating virus...

but the winner is this musical ditty form my old fave, I'm a Marvel, I'm a DC, which has reached 100 videos and celebrated with a hugely entertaining (for geeks at least) musical number on the state of Marvel and DCs movie franchises

happy centenary!!

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