Friday, 14 May 2010

only words

i am rediscovering a passion for writing.

perhaps you can tell since the blog posts seem to be swelling a little lately, i actually want to have a bit of informative content on here (even if most of it may be pretty irrelavent).

i've got a ton of ideas that i would like to transfer to articles or blog posts but sometime it's just a case of trying to find the time to do it, along with all the other bloody stuff that i have the best intentions of getting on with.

but for now i'm just gonna keep this one short(ish) and point you in the direction of my recent writing....

Bank Holiday weekend i managed to get myself on the guestlist (thanks glasswerk) for Deadmau5 at Brixton Academy and the resulting article can be found here.

My review of They Live has just been published in this week's Enfield Advertiser which you can either take a look back at on my blog or can be viewed in the online digital copy of the paper (page24)

and i also think my recent blog posts are worth a bit of a read (but i am a little biased) so maybe peruse some of the latest offerings in which i have tried to stretch myself a little more.... i'd suggest my father's son and inspiration (in which i also previewed a new track which you can download)

and maybe check back tomorrow as i'm currently toying with a new piece that should be posted up quite soonish.....

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