Sunday, 23 May 2010

number two

this is the second of two tracks that were completed in quick succesion of each other, as stated last time i did intend to tweek it slightly but due to obvious reasons i haven't actually been able to, but rather than hold it back i thought i would put this out into the world and not keep pondering going back to it for the smallest of changes

Number 16 track two by Hunchbakk

and so here we are, another track from the new 'number 16' project:

no real agenda in mind, just an outlet for some works that may not fit elsewhere

and as with the previous track in the project this is a bit of a mash-up of my own work and the works of others and actually stems from an idea i'd had while out cycling with my generic mp3 player on shuffle

going off on a slight tangent here, but while it is easy to condemn the modern world and the digital age for the effect it may have on how we collect music and the deterioration of the album format it does open up new opportunities to be exposed to music that we didn't even know we had

i was slightly stunned to find myself listening to a track that used the same (or similar) samples (or noises) as the first track i had completed for SoundArt, especially as i was completely unsure as to what the track was and how it had found it's way onto my generic mp3 player

turns out it was a track called Inevitable by Realistic Crew, which didn't realy mean an awful lot to me but it was part of a Clash playlist that i had downloaded and can usualy be trusted to feature innovative music, some that is already on my radar but also a good quality selection of new discoveries and diamonds in the rough

and right there and then i knew that i would be able to take the vocals i had recorded for SoundArt1 and transfer them onto the simarly haunting ambience of Inevitable, decision made and i continued to pedal on....

oh, but of course i didn't cycle home and knuckle down with creating a frankenstein of a track, don't be so silly, instead it must have taken me weeks to pull my finger out and work on it, it wasn't until i'd finished chopping up the words of Peter Porter that i just let my creative juices flow, completeing one track and then cracking on with opening up a new file and starting splicing all over again

and i'm so happy with the results, i'm unsure whether i prefer this new machination to the original but i love the fact that they both seem to be coming from the same place and exist within similar stratospheres


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