Sunday, 9 May 2010


my last post was gonna be alot longer, but it already seemed to be lengthening somewhat and at the same time going nowhere so i thought i should maybe cut it off before it became a very long-winded big bunch of nothingness that should have actually been about unveiling a new track.

so lets unveil a new track right now.

Peter Porter 1929 - 2010

Number 16 track one by Hunchbakk

but when i say new it isn't actually that new

it is in fact the first track that i made for my 'album' which i have been making since i first got my hands on Sony Acid, it is also the first track on the album and opens things up nicely for what follows

the words have been around a lot longer than the music, i couldn't find exactly when it was written but it is a poem by Peter Porter, an Australian born poet who had been publishing his poetry since 1958.

it was my dad that inspired me to create this little mashed-up track, even though i hadn't actually heard of Peter Porter (not that i can clearly recollect anyway) my dad emailed me, telling me that he had died - in the email he had also included Porter's poem 'Your Attention Please', written in the form of a public service announcement, and told me that it had caused afew over reactions in the 50s when read out on a radio poetry show and people tuning in thought that nuclear attack was actually happening

i was intrigued by the poem and right there and then the inspiration hit me to pair up my piece of music with the foreboding words of 'Your Attention Please' but try as hard as i might to find a decent reading of the poem, all i could find was a crappy sounding version made for somebodys class project that had found it's way onto youtube.

downheartened but undeterred i kept searching, and stumbled upon a reading of another Peter Porter poem, this one called 'Consumer Report' in which life is treated as a product and mused upon as if giving feedback for market research purposes.

and all of a sudden i had something better than i had even hoped for, the nature and the tone of the poem instantly appealed and i knew it would speak to my dad too

i must admit i have chopped up the poem slightly, taken out parts that didn't realy fit with what i wanted and moved other parts round so that it worked within the music and still made sense within itself

it shall remain nameless for now, it will probably form part of a new project and i have another track almost complete that needs just the smallest of tweakings before i share

but this one is for my Dad, and for the memory of Peter Porter

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