Thursday, 13 May 2010

profesional couple

so the casual observer will probably have gathered by now that i am house hunting with my girlfriend.

and it is a horrible job.

the initial excitement of being all grown up and actually buying a property that is gonna be yours soon gives way to viewing houses located near notorious estates, taking an instant dislike to any 'neighbours' that you have seen hanging around and realising that if you had just afew more thousand pounds everything would be glorious and we could be kicking back in a nice three bed semi within walking distance of Enfield Town.

despite all this i am determined to see this thing through and am fiercely anti-renting and pro-buying, refusing to let my hard earned pay off somebody elses mortgage other than my own.

but here is a property that could have changed my mind, it could have been worth it just for the geeky claim to fame.

cos not long ago the Spaced flat was available to rent, yep the actual factual flat shared by Tim and Daisy!!

to be honest i have no real interest in living in the Tufnell park area of London, but it would have made repeated viewings of the DVD box set a hell of a lot more interesting, no doubt Spaced re-enactments would have been an everyday occurence that would never ever stop being funny and i may even decide to try my hand at being a freelance comic book artist!!

oh, i can dream can't i.

back to i think.

credit where it's due:

i spotted this way too late over at topless robot

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