Thursday, 27 May 2010

in for the kill

sometimes even i have to face up to the real world, as much as it pains me, and things are getting very real for me, causing me to lose my marbles, mislay £200 of my own cash and write self-pitying poetry

but these things are temporary (tho possibly more frequent in the near future) but for now, things are good.

so lets get a little distracted then!

as of writing this i am currently listening to the new Major Lazer mixtape


yeah!! i know!

and it's a mash-up with La Roux and it is official and Mad Decent sanctioned and it is free!!

and perhaps if the mood takes me while listening to it i may attempt 'Daggering'

i've wanted to have a go at daggering since witnessing the Major Lazer party at Notting Hill Carnival last year but i've never realy known how to...

oh joy!! a bloody daggering instructional video by Lazer co-hort Skerritt Bwoy!

now nothing can hold me back!

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