Monday, 14 June 2010

'it keeps me safe when i'm jogging at night'

after spending the first half of this month delving headlong into my own creativity it is again time for a change around here as i once again get geeky.

now while i tend to find myself over at for my fix of music news, when in need of a slightly lengthier distraction i while find myself perusing their long list of blogs, mostly music related, but also featuring a well informed movie blog.

and i can't believe this one had escaped my attention for so long, for published at the end of april was 'The Five Rules Of Comic Book Sequels'

honestly, go check it out, for the most part it is a rather spot on overview of a genre i have an extreme geeky passion for, i've read very few Marvel comics ever, but even i cannot ignore the appeal of their movies, especially as they tend to boil the characters down to what they should be, instead of following curent comic continuity that will have been mired by years of plot complications and discrepancies.

i do have afew disagreements with the blog, i was particularly fond of Iron Man 2 despite my initial fears that it would be a complete let down as Spiderman 3 was, but i thought the new characters added were handled well, unlike the affore mentioned Spidey 3 and Batman and Robin.

and i do still have a lot of love for Batman Forever, with hindsight it didn't quite live up to everything it should have been after scenes were cut but i do find it a hugely enjoyable film and not just a vehicle for Jim Carrey, admittedly Joel Schumacher did send the whole thing off the rails with the bloated and ridiculous Batman and Robin, a film in which Arnold Schwarzeneger actually took top billing over Batman himself.

with time i have found that the hurt has healed and can see it for the amusing family-aimed romp it ended as instead of the film i hoped it would be, but i still find the characterisation of Bane in the film as unforgivable.

so here is hoping that proposed reboots of X-men, Spiderman and Superman can erase the pain of some lack lustre attempts and that if a third Nolan Batman movie appears it can keep the momentum so far, but i don't think i could ever forgive my favourite gay director, Bryan Singer for dropping X-men in favour of Superman when he was doing such a good job building up compelling characters and plots only to leave us with Brett Ratner's shoddy abomination and a fairly mediocre Superman flick.

You've got a lot of grovelling to do, Singer!!

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