Monday, 7 June 2010

what does it all mean, Basil?

i've had the weekend off of blogging for yet another family wedding and my still tempestuous computer isn't exactly making things easier for me, but while i can grab afew minutes online now let's get things moving on here as we cast our mind back to the start of May....

you see, the Enfield Advertiser have just followed up my Deadmau5 article with one a little closer to home, so i'll post up the article for you here for those that haven't had the good fortune to read it yet

and remember you can always view the Advertiser online too (page 26 of the 2nd june edition)

you may notice that it has been edited slightly when it went into the paper, entirely glossing over any mention of the bank holiday, probably so it didn't seem so out of date...

The Fetts, Enemy Planet and Worst Case Scenario @ The Hollybush, 01.05.10

or as the paper entitled it
Between rock and a soft place
(seriously, what does that mean?)

Bank holiday weekend in Enfield Town and music fans seem spoilt for choice.

Friday at Bar Form kicked the whole thing off with a Hacienda styled weekender starting with an evening of live bands while Saturday night was choc full of DJs playing a broad spectrum of dance sub-genres to brighten up what had turned into something of a wash-out weather wise.

But those still looking to get their live kicks for a second night in a row had descended upon The Hollybush in Lancaster Road.

Three local bands were brought together that, although stylistically were not a million miles apart, showed a real diversity of experiences within the Enfield music scene.

Worst Case Scenario are alumni of the Enfield Music Project that has been nurturing and supporting young musicians and has been turning out a number of talented bands and running regular gigs of it’s own.

Their opening set was a pleasing slice of acoustic Katie Tunstall with a Tabasco style splash of mariachi stirred in to spice up their soft rock inclinations, played out before  a receptive crowd of youthful friends and family.

Not only are they talented, but they are also troublingly young – despite the fact that the band has already been performing together for five years – and are only likely to improve as they mature.

Enemy Planet and The Fetts are more recent additions to the Enfield school of rock, both formed within the last couple of years, but having roots in bands that have already forged themselves locally in Partners In Justice and The Kases respectively (give or take a role call change or three).

Kicking everything up a notch, Enemy Planet impart on us a heavier sound with radio friendly polished edges, something similar to Paramore, with big riffs and ballsy female vocals.

Headlining the night were The Fetts, fronted by Ben Evans who has been in bands since his teens and ploughing a style that is steeped in 90’s rock influences.

Shades of Stereophonics, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Feeder permeate every chord and ring through the gathered backroom crowd as enough drinks are sunk to see everyone through the long weekend.

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