Sunday, 25 January 2009

2008: Year of the Bat. part 2


Thanks to Hollywood, it seems to me that geek is a lot more fashionable than it ever used to be, perhaps actually being a geek still carries the same stigmatisms but with so many comics being appropriated by film studios and sold back to a wider demographic, it certainly seems acceptable to dig superheroes.

In the last year alone I’ve accumulated 3 pairs of Batman boxer shorts, 3 Batman t-shirts (at the beginning of 2008 I had none of either), I am also the proud owner of a Lego Batman key-ring and the Lego Batman video game, seen The Dark Knight at the IMAX twice (and they still haven’t stopped screening it there yet, even tho the DVD is out now) and treated myself to a number of graphic novels. My Dad even found my old Batman key-ring down the back of his sofa that I had lost as a kid and gave it back to me.

I remember the re-runs of the old ‘60’s Batman, possibly my first exposure to the character, as I progressed from the Beano I remember picking up the Fleetway Editions reprints of the American Batman comics, possibly around the same time as the first Tim Burton film was hitting the cinema, I remember the first American imports I found, as Knightfall was just getting started as Mr Zsasz was holding hostages in an all girls school, as Batman was feeling weary and run down by a mass breakout from Arkham Asylum, orchestrated by Bane, a dark and shadowy figure that I had no knowledge of. These American comics seemed so dark and their bleak slant was a whole world away from what I had been used to reading.


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