Saturday, 24 January 2009

blood splashing


had afew computer issues yesterday, i thought i mite have posted about the fact that although everyone had been whinging about it for ages, the recession is now official (some boring statistic about the rate of something or other dropping for the blah blah blah...) or that i'm still reading Bill Bryson.

Alas, this post is about neither, as obsessed as i am about music, this shall be about music. I'm not gonna become another of the many multiplying music blogs, i just wanna share a little enthusiasm.

I could have posted about Littles, his new mixtape that i was listening to this morning and the amazing new track 'Skank Out' but instead i felt compelled to blog about the mysterious Fake Blood who smashed it last year with 'Mars', 'Blood Splashing' and a smattering of remixes.

Compelled, since last night on Xfm, i heard Eddy TM mention that Fake Blood is none other than DJ Touche, perhaps this is common knowledge that had passed me by, I loved his previous work such as 'The Paddle' and even way back further than that to his days in 'The Wiseguys' ('ooh la la' was ten years ago??)

I'd love to share A Fake Blood track with you but i see a handful of other forums have had tracks removed by request, and i don't wanna step on no-ones toes.

Their ain't even any official videos to check out, so maybe jus check his myspace and if you like what you hear, shell out for it on i-tunes or something

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