Monday, 19 January 2009

Sound Art Experiment Number 1

Why must I start so many blogs by mentioning how I meant to actually post this or that a while ago? Same applies here I’m afraid, been a busy January and even though I’m determined to commit myself to keeping my blog updated it is taking a long while for me to find the time to sit myself down and cover what needs to be covered.

And now onto today’s subject:

Sound Art

I guess this is quite a broad term and can mean different things to different people, it could also mean nothing to a lot of people but as far as I am concerned it is open to interpretaion.

The Wikipedia entry that tries to define it says that ‘there are often distinct relationships forged between the visual and aural domains of art and perception by sound artists’, which I guess goes a little way to describe my own venture into the boundless area of Sound Art.

Over the years I have seen my little brother growing more accomplished as an artist and have often used him to produce artwork for tracks or remixes that I have produced, call me old fashioned, but simply because most music these days is distributed digitally doesn’t mean that it does not need a ‘cover’, some form of artwork to identify the music with, even if it simply makes your i-pod’s display look a little prettier.

I enjoy seeing the works that my brother produces and am proud to associate them with my music, and in most cases he prefers to listen to the track before, or sometimes while, working on the artwork that will accompany it.

This is, I suppose questionably, already a form of Sound Art, but for the latest project I am undertaking the roles have been reversed, with the Artwork leading the music.

The first track was unveiled on Christmas Day last year, the artwork has a title, the track I produced also has a title, but for the purpose of the project both pieces are referred to as SoundArt1 and I honestly think it is one of the best pieces of music I have produced.

It was hard to keep my mind clear and wait for the artwork to arrive, it is so easy to take influence from all manner of things or to have a pre-concieved notion of the direction a track may take but upon opening the file on my brother had emailed me, it stirred something inside me and played on my mind until it was complete.

For your consideration, SoundArt1 is available to download until the end of January

If everything goes to plan then a new track should be available as we head into February but following the first track is daunting and having far too little time to dedicate myself properly this month may push me behind schedule but stay tuned for a second installment in the not too distant future.

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