Tuesday, 3 March 2009


David S. Goyer, the scribe behind Blade's and Batman's recent big screen outings seems to be serious about ditching the spandex associated with superheroes and building grittier stories with real edge for fan-boys to dig.

Goyer's previous form has meant that the internet has been buzzing over his plan's to bring DC comics' Green Arrow into the movies, and according to the script details outlined so far, Green Arrow is not gonna have an easy time when he gets his shot at the limelight previously hogged by Batman and Superman.

For the wider world that didn't grow up with their heads buried in a comic book, Green Arrow is essentially a superhero version of Robin Hood, no superpowers, instead relying on his skills as an archer to fight crime, although never a major player Green Arrow has remained a much loved and well respected character.

and now Goyer presents Green Arrow with a twist, instead of chasing across rooftops and sniping baddies with an assortment of functional arrows we will instead view the character completely out of his comfort zone, jailed in a maximum security prison housing supervillians and meta-humans, from which the wrongly imprisoned hero has to break free.

crafting an instantly engaging story as opposed to a standard origin feature film, it will be interesting to see who Green Arrow will be forced to team up with or fight against to get out alive, and with a huge breadth of DC universe villians to pick from to show incarcerated, this really is shapng up to have huge potential and great scope.

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