Thursday, 5 March 2009

sickening violence: just the way you like it!

when i'm browsing over the geekier sites that i occasionaly peruse i have seen a lot of interest about the upcoming movie adaption of Kick-Ass, like an insane amount of over-excited interest, not one to just jump on any bandwagon that rolls along i ignored it.

But all that online anticipation is spilling over into the real world and Kick-Ass warranted an article in the latest issue of Total Film, and it looks, for want of a better description, pretty Kick-Ass!!

tackling a real life approach to super-heriocs, the lead is a a teenage comic book fan that decides to don a costume and fight crime like his fictional idols, nice concept, easy to see why it appeals, what clinches it seems to be the extreme violence, tongue in cheek attitude and send-up of superhero cliches, and it's rooting firmly in todays modern world (Kick-Ass, as the young hero has been dubbed, set up his own myspace profile, and camera-phone footage of him in action has been uploaded to Youtube).

here's hoping that the film adaption doesn't hold back, as writer Mark Millar becomes a rather bankable comics book creator since another of his recent comics, Wanted, was turned into a mega hollywood Angelina Jolie vehicle and other printed works, Chosen and War Heroes have both been optioned by Sony.

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