Thursday, 19 March 2009

vampire dogs

looking over the book shelves in WH Smiths and there seemed to be a pattern emerging, in the charts we have Marley and Me (Now A Major Motion Picture), the interest in the film obviously means that if they stick Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson on the cover they will flog a few more copies, but afew places below it was another book about another dog and then again further down the shelf was yet another book about yet another dog, hmmmmmmm.....

and then along to the youth/children's chart, way up there is Stephenie Meyer's Twilight (also now a major motion picture!)and the other books in the Twilight series, and much like The Da Vinci Code was followed by a bunch of doppelganger books with similar themes and identikit covers a fair chunk of the same chart was filled with books that look like they are about young sexy vampires by P.C and Kristin Cast with strikingly similar covers.

So now i propose my idea for a book to compete in this current market, Vampire Dogs.

it has no story yet, it is in an embryonic state, but as long as it doesn't get too gory i feel there may even be a movie deal too (Hotel for Dogs, Bolt, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, what is it with dogs this year?) and just for good luck i may also make one of the dogs a descendant of Christ.

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