Friday, 12 March 2010

head in the clouds

the observant among you may have noticed a new addition over there to the right, yep, my very own soundcloud, quite clearly i am upping my digital game!!

it makes my blog a little bit more like a myspace profile, so you don't have to head off to my other page if you wanted to sample my aural delights (tho you can, cos there are more over there) but unklike myspace that disabled downloading ages ago you can actualy get hold of my tracks simply and easily (and free) if you like what you hear playing

and it will prob be a little easier to keep on top of than keep editing that list of downloads (also on the right, for now)

why didn't i wise up to this sooner?

and let me also use this oppurtunity to herald one of my favourite and best recieved tracks, my very own remix of The Enemy's This Song, a creeping little number that ambles along with an eerie ambience

but why am i telling you this when you can hear for yourself and download it from my fancy soundcloud widget

the enemy cover5 copy

The Enemy - This Song (Hunchbakk's Youth Of Today remix)

and i may as well give my journalistic endevours a quick mention too, as my article on Those Handsome Animals was published in this weeks Enfield Advertiser (page 30) and i've had a couple of reviews pop up on glasswerk (my first in well over a year probably) taking a look at the latest from New Young Pony Club and Gaggle.

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