Friday, 26 March 2010

not wanting to get sued

and as promised here is that review of last week's Sel-Out gig, keep you eyes peeled cos a cut down version should be appearing in the local rag soonish

Sel-Out 2 @ Bar Form 18.03.10

People that go along to gigs, have a couple of drinks and catch a handful of live acts often have no idea of the time, effort and worry that goes into putting on even the smallest of events.

And the second Sel-Out held at Bar Form is certainly no exception.

Selma Ramadan is having to deal with one bassist not being able to get out of work early enough for soundchecks, DJs that have gone house-hunting, another bassist having to leave the gig early so he can get to his nightshift despite the fact his band are due to be headlining , and a solo artist calling in sick and cancelling completely .

this is just some of the shit that a promoter has to deal with.

which all comes after the initial complications of trying to book bands and chasing bands that don't return your emails, arranging that there will enough kit to be shared onstage and also holding down a full-time job.

and unless you've got a well known and well respected established event that will thrive purely on reputation alone you also need to text everyone in your phone, email everyone in your address book and make all your facebook friends aware that you need them to come out and show their support.

and you also hope that everyone else involved has been doing the same.

And so, at 8 o'clock on a dreary Thursday evening in Enfield Town, the doors are thrown open for the night to begin.

It’s just a shame that a handful of punters are more punctual than the DJs due to kick off the night.

But by the time Benjamin Darius Ralph steps onto the stage some of these stresses are forgotten as his soothing acoustic solo show flits between original tracks and a number of cherry picked covers.

Room 9 usually like to rock out but tonight they are a man down so instead they bring a stripped back set of songs to Bar Form, anyone that thought this would hinder the act are proved wrong as Room 9 swiftly impress everyone in attendance with a laid back sound and astounding vocals that make you wonder if a full-scale set could ever be any better than the unique and intimate performance being put on tonight.


and in a strange twist of circumstances, Getaway, a band that didn't even have a name when they confirmed to play this, their debut gig, have found themselves plucked from second on a bill of four acts, and have had the daunting task of headlining thrust upon them.

and if there were any nerves, it certainly didn't show as the trio carve themselves a sonic identity that takes its influences from roughly 40 years of rock n roll history filtered down to a memorable 25 minute set, mixed up with diverting aside of self-proclaimed 'Essex hip-hop', and finished off with a rocking bluesy number.

And although the financial rewards are rarely enough to cover costs, the sense of achievement provides satisfaction enough and it’s the risk takers that continue putting on gigs and showcasing bands that keep the music scene alive.


credit where it's due:

photos by Lauren Knight

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