Thursday, 25 March 2010

marty power

well done to The Enfield Advertiser for actually publishing my bizarre Die Antwoord article, it is in this weeks edition and can also be viewed online (page 26)

and a great choice of picture for it too, i didn't realy think this article would be up their street but they've stuck their neck out, good on em

on the subject of music journalism, i was out in Camden at Frank Turner's sell-out Roundhouse gig for glasswerk that i had got a call about earlier in the day saying they had managed to wrangle me a plus one.

yeah, get me, blagging a plus one into a sold out gig! not bad eh? i feel like a real journalist, and it was a bloody good gig too.

so i've been busy wrapping that up for submition, and if you check back tomorrow i shall be posting up my article of last week's Sel-Out gig ahead of it's publication in the paper.

edit: since i've got this soundcloud thing going on, why waste an oppurtunity to listen to Enter The Ninja again

Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja stream

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