Wednesday, 16 December 2009

all the rage

ok, it seems to be a very nice sentiment, and it certainly would be fun to stick it to Simon Cowell, all you people that signed yourselves up to the facebook group to get Rage Against The Machine to christmas number one realy are rebelling against the system!

but i'm sure Simon Cowell will still be getting a nice big fat christmas bonus from Sony after they announce their bumper sales figures towards the end of the year, you see, not only is SyCo music a part of Sony, but Killing In The Name Of is published and released by a subsiduary company of Sony.

this is indeed rebel music!

and proof that no matter who makes it to number one, their is only ever gonna be one winner.

now, i'm not knocking the campaign entirely! it sounds like a funny idea and is obviously the reason so many people joined the group leading the campaign (now lets see how many people are gonna follow through after showing their initial support - because you must be well aware that EVERYBODY does EVERYTHING they say they will do ALL OF THE TIME!!)

and Killing In The Name Of is certainly a popular and iconic choice, it has featured in many a Bubblegum Stomp DJ set - and will probably continue to if we're not all sick of the song by january

but don't break your back (and your already overstretched wallets) to download it, there are chart eligible sites offering it a darn sight cheaper than i-tunes 99p (amazon currently have it for 29p)

and also consider the worthy charity being supported by this campaign, asking anyone that downloads RATM also donates to Shelter and it has emerged today that Tom Morrello will also be donating his own royalties to charity

so go out in force and make history by keeping X-factor off number one if that is your intention - but please also consider stopping watching the show altogether if this campaign and the effect it has on music means anything to you!!!!!

(you know who you are - you turncoats!)

funnily enough, there is also another christmas song doing the rounds!
my own!
and you can download it for nothing!!
please show a lil support for a srtuggling unsigned artist - i ask nothing more than that you take it and you listen to it, i'd be super pleased if you actually like it too!
and if it makes you feel any better why not donate the cost of a download to a charity while you're at it
Free file hosting from File Den cover

see, nice warm feelings all round!

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