Tuesday, 1 December 2009


this is for those of you that opened the first door on your advent calender today, for those that are willing to start hanging up decorations and get a little festive now that december is finally here. this is for those that have been waiting 11 months so that they can legitimately watch Elf again...

yes. this is my christmas present to you!

my 2008 contribution to the pantheon of christmas songs is available to download all december long, and it won't cost you a penny!

so stick it on your generic mp3 player and give it a spin everytime Mariah and The Pogues get a bit too much for you.

now this may never be as ubiquitous as all the other christmas standards but i would appreciate it if you cared and shared this mp3, tell all your friends, download it for your grandma, demand choirs sing it...

look, i even got naked for the cover of my christmas single...
thats how much i'm willing to suffer for my art...


www.xmas.com cover

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i was also considering blogging every day until christmas to rival my brother, but then i decided i wouldn't, so if you wanna see new stuff every day go over there, if you wana see new stuff every few days, stick with me.

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