Monday, 28 December 2009

Never Ending Story

ok, so i missed my own personal deadline of having afew more things finished by christmas and the end of the year, my own album seems to have stalled while i work on SoundArt and afew other bits, SoundArt itself is getting a little behind schedule and there have been a handful of other tracks that i was hoping to have had done by now.

so as we start next year i'm gonna post a couple of works in progress, pieces that are in an unfinished state for one reason or another.

and i'm also looking ahead to a bundle of things that i want to cover in my new Enfield Advertiser articles, the next of which should start dropping through local letterboxes from this wednesday... so finding the time to write and blog and create music is a real juggling act

along with that i intend to have my head stuck in some comics for a little while, either ones that i have bought and haven't got round to reading yet and also afew new ones that i got for christmas, i'm realy looking forward to getting my head round some Grant Morrison shaped weirdness!!

and there are also DJ sets to plan for!!

and never enough hours in a day, nor days in the week!

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