Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Sound of Art

not only am i letting you lucky buggers get your hands on my christmas single for absolutely no pounds and no pence at all (that is for free for the less mathematical amongst you) but as of saturday the previous SoundArt tracks are being uploaded daily over at Ian Byford Art


today being sunday means that both SoundArt1 and SoundArt2 are now available to download, and from around about midnight tonight you'll be able to get your hands on SoundArt3 (and so forth)


now i'm afraid that this can't last forever since at present there are only 6 entries in the SoundArt project available for public consumption... although i am considering rounding off the week with a sneak peak of a slightly incomplete SoundArt7 since i've kept you all waiting so long


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so don't forget to check Ian Byford Art for the latest downloads, and also for his current Blogmass that will run until christmas with a post every single day up til and including christmas day

and i'm also considering trying to get my arse in gear so i can have a little treat prepared on my blog for christmas....

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