Friday, 25 December 2009

mistletoe and whine....

this year i kinda brought myself up to date, getting myself joined up to facebook (the real me, not the fake me) and since the death bell seems to have been ringing for myspace i haven't been pushing my christmas single in the same way i was last year

so i thought since i was wishing all the people in the big wide world of internetwebdom a very happy merry christmas i'd also remind you of the gift of music i give

merry christmas one and all (unless you're on facebook, in which case go and hug your family and leave the computer alone) and 6 instalments of the SoundArt project are available by right clicking the links below
Free file hosting from File Den

SoundArt3 (unfinished)
Free file hosting from File Den cover

and if that isn't enough christmas joy for those perusing this fine christmassy day, here is also the video of my possibly all time favourite christmas song (tho i am still debating)

"God bless us, every one!"

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