Friday, 16 July 2010


i just finished making my first full length music video, i probably should do afew more to increase my prescence on Youtube, but i don't want to videos just for the sake of it.

i've had ideas for a couple of my earlier remixes but they were ideas that i would like to see done right, instead of cobbled together using windows video editor thingy and a number of its dodgy video effects, but to be honext, you do need to work with what you've got.

so in the very not too far off distant future i shall be unveiling my video for my cover of The XX's VCR.

and not only is it a new video, it is also a new version of the song that i have done in a spoken word style since my girlfriend insisted it would sound better than my singing.

the original sung version i actually uploaded to my blog in february, but since i have been using soundcloud instead of fileden i am presuming that it has now disapeared into the ether.

i'm still unsure which version  the song i prefer, i don't think that my voice sounds quite as terrible as she says it does on VCR, i'm well aware that i don't have a great singing voice, but i didn't think i needed to.

but before i get round to uploading that vid, can i just take a minute to stake my claim as the first person to cover the XX, as far as i am aware nobody else had covered the band when i uploaded my version of VCR in february, as they grew in popularity i knew it would only be a matter of time so i'm glad i got in there quick.

i didn't quite expect Shakira to go charging in and claiming Islands for herself tho, she got in on the act back in may (3 months behind me, keep up Shakira) and brought her cover with her along with her hypnotic hip-wiggling set to glastonbury last month.

sadly no dry humping of the onstage monitors in this song tho.......

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