Saturday, 3 July 2010

a lack of blogging in general

inspiration either approachs me at the most inapropriate times or it evades me when i am looking for it.

i'm sure i have had afew ideas for oddities to blog about, and yet, i haven't blogged.

they didn't feel right.

and i didn't want to leave the blog empty and gathering dust either.

i have a photo that i want to upload that i keep forgetting to, and when i do get round to it i may very well decide that it would be the wrong time to post it.

i have a handfull of poems that fell out of my head before i went to glastonbury, and again they felt very of the moment, in my mind at least, and i have not posted those either.

i should make sure i post the lot of them, maybe dig around a little bit for other things that i was intending to include at one time or another.

it is probably important to keep this blog slanted to my own creativity instead of just my ramblings and bleatings.

i feel a blog should invite people into your lives, but not let them look too close, as if it is just the hint of a person, so that a sense of voyeurism can be felt without falling headlong into strange web-based confessional weirdness, let's try and retain some mystery people...

'and how is my life?' i hear you voyeurs call.

right now my main concerns are load-bearing walls and gallows brackets, ploughing through The Beach like a man possesed, thoroughly enjoying the first book i have read since last october after being far too distracted by a multitude of comics, and trying to ensure that my blog doesn't become just another boring boring blog about normal normal life, like one of the many many banal sites i am rewarded with whenever i hit that 'next blog' button hoping for a voyeuristic experience of my own but only finding another american family with their two or three young children beaming at me from a site that tells of first teeth and tantrums in supermarkets.

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