Friday, 9 July 2010

geronimo watch 3

getting a little behind, but i'm sure this is little surprise to anybody.

and so the 11th Doctor's first series is over, and overall i must admit that i'm quite pleased with the way things have been going so far.

having been away at Glastonbury and missing the finale episode i decided that i would be in need of a good geek out and would gorge myself on a big fat double bill so that i could also refresh my memory of the previous episode.

so, with all this build up, what did we get??

there was no sign of a bloody mammoth battle with all the Doctor's best baddies that i think everyone was hoping for, just one malicious dusty dalek

oh, of course we had the return of bloody Geronimo, tho i am thankfull that it didn't stick around for the entire run since it got very old very quickly. hopefully this was to be a send off for the unloved catchphrase.

and watching the last two episodes back to back i was made aware of a couple of things.

the first is that the Doctor's catchphrase was not Geronimo at all, it was in fact 'SHUT UP!'

seriously, take a look back at the two parter and witness people continuously being told to shut up, mostly by The Doctor, mostly aimed at Rory, but even Amy gets in on the act and tells her own father to shut up at her wedding.

why hasn't anybody realised and knocked up a crafty little video of all the 'shut up's very hastily chopped together just to prove my point, i don't have the time or inclination to do such a thing, surely somebody else must enjoy doing this type of thing!

we had been fooled with an audacious catchphrase, while all the while we have had people running around telling everyone else to shut up and we even had James Corden on the recieving end of two headbutts, i'm rather baffled by how this all happened but it worked for me.

and onto the second thing i noticed, i wouldn't wish to spoil surprises for anybody (or look like a fool if i was wrong) but it does seem that the hints of a rather large development (one of two possibilities, i guess) are being laid down whilst we have been fretting about cracks in walls and the pandoricum... we'll see if this really does pan out in the way i think it could be heading...

so, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and even you Rory, i tip my fez to you all.  well done.

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