Saturday, 10 July 2010

room with a view

the blog has been quite fast moving this past week, with me fulfilling my promise of posting up some poetry that i hadn't had the chance to publish yet, as well as a little bit of photography and a short piece on Doctor Who.

which has left me no time to post up some more of my music, since today i'm giving you a glimpse of a forthcoming Enfield Advertiser article.  last saturday i saw Room 9 tear the roof of off the Kentish Town Forum and it hardly seemed fair to wait while the paper tries to work through the backlog of reviews that have once again built up.

of course i'll be giving a heads up once the article is in print, but for those that can't wait that long, here it is...

Room 9 @ The Emerganza Final, Kentish Town Forum 03.07.10

Room 9 breifly graced my music column in the Enfield Advertiser when they played an acoustic led set at Bar Form in march.

The Edmonton/Wood Green based band played a powerful set that commanded everyone's attention and had everyone in attendance in complete thrall.

so i was only too happy to check out the full blown live experience when they invited me along to check them out performing at Kentish Town Forum.

and was i in for a shock.

lead singer Lee Tarrier is a friend of a friend, a fairly quiet guy who is never anything less than affable, approachable and sincere but to see him in action as the full band rock out i was surprised by the transformation i was seeing.

my jaw remained on the beer-sticky floor for the entire first song as the the unnassuming guy with a day job as a special needs teacher stalks onstage silohetted against the backdrop of bright lights of white and red strobing through the atmospheric smoke screen and then proceeds to raise the roof and the spirits of the gathered throng with an unbelievable and unboundless energy.

heavy guitars, heavy bass, heavier drums and heavily devoted fans truly rocked the Forum as Room 9 tear through an incendiary four song set, tooled with big Metallica riffs and Rage Against The Machine styled rallying lyrics that iniate many call and responses and fists pumping in the air.

The passion and proffesionalism the band play with belied their short slot in the UK final of the Emerganza Festival for unsigned bands, you could almost believe that this was the homecoming gig of their world tour, with the big production values that the Kentish Town Forum affords them it is truly a sight to behold and hopefully a harbinger of bigger venues and good fortune in the not too distant future.

and although Room 9 narrowly missed out on reaching the international stages of the competetion tonight was an absolute triumph for the band and their fans and will see them blaze a trail with a number of late summer gigs and the release of their eagerly awaited debut album in November.

credit where it's due:
photograph by Floyd

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