Monday, 19 July 2010


it has been an unbelievably busy and rather productive few days for me.

i've been working on new music for a new little project that is likely to take over my life and become the only thing i care about if i can ever ween myself off the addiction to reading comics that i seem to have picked up again (but i guess there are worse addictions to be afflicted with).

so, yes, making music, reading comics, finishing my first ever music video (which is why you're here, right) as well as writing (starting, middling and indeed finishing) the first short story that i have probably written since i was a kid, i've not quite decided what to do with it just yet, it feels far too momentous an occasion for me to just put it up as a blog post.

oh, and that's not including all the live music i have seen, i have witnessed The Television Personalities, Milk Kan, Akira The Don, Kele and Underworld all doing there respective things. So of course i'm already working on an article, even tho the Enfield Advertiser seems to be getting ridiculously behind again.

and all this obtuse over achieving and busy business has only been since about 12.20 pm thursday!! it's already looking to be another busy week this week too, tho possibly (almost defientley) not quite as productive.

but lets get round to that video i promised you, the video for my new new spoken word cover version of the xx's vcr, which supersedes the version that i actually attempted singing on!!

enough waffle.

video, now!

now, perhaps a little more waffle??

Hunchbakk - vcr (the xx spoken word cover version)

made on a budget of absolutely nothing at all

Directed, Edited, Filmed and Concept by Hunchbakk
Additional Filming by Ian Byford

filmed on location in my Dad's back room.

thank you

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