Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ban this sick filth!

i can't believe i actually had my review pulled from glasswerk!!

i went looking for my Mr Fogg review so that i could link to it and it had disapeared.

just an unfortunate accident i presumed, some sort of glitch in the matrix.

i'd inform my editor and let her know so that it could be reinstated.

turns out that the head honcho at glasswerk took a dislike to some of the gonzo elements of the review, feeling that my guestlist woes really had no place within the feature.

perhaps it detracted from Mr Fogg.

perhaps it's cos it's a trade secret that reviewers don't actually pay to get in places, or perhaps reviewers are considered as gig going apparitions that just float through the walls of venues, either way, they just pulled it completely.

i took the news humbly, tho i was slightly baffled as to why it couldn't have just been edited, and then offered to rewrite the piece without the offending comments as i didn't think it was particularly fair to Mr Fogg to lose out on any kind of exposure due to something i had written about an experience that he had no control over.

so i re-shaped and remoulded the review and the new unoffending article is back up on glasswerk for all to view.

i harbour no hard feelings over it at all, somebody made a decision that something didn't belong and that was that, if anything i feel an intense satisfication and a sense of pride that the words i had written provoked such a reaction.

of course, the full guestlist issue can be read about on glasswerk's blog or right here on my blog, and the sanitised Mr Fogg review is right here.

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