Thursday, 5 August 2010

Kevin Smith made Batman do what??!!

if you know Batman as well as the next geek then you will already be well aware of Frank Miller's Batman: Year one and most likely hold it in high esteem.

within Year One Batfan's were given an edgy retelling of the caped crusaders earliest experiences tackling crime in Gotham City, something that Christopher Nolan drew heavily on for Batman Begins.

we saw a young Bruce Wayne get his arse handed to him, we saw him brawling with prostitutes and we saw him bleeding all over his expensive furniture after a rough night.

we saw the things that make Batman what he is today emerge and we saw some rather iconic panels of storytelling.

there was one thing however that we did not see, and, living legend in his own right, Kevin Smith has gone and thrown a bone of contention among the devoted with this panel from his latest issue, showing Batman reflecting upon one of those said iconic panels and giving us a little more information that we needed.

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